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  • What is Holistic Optometry?
    Your eyes are not only a window for you to view the world, but they are also a window for a Holistic Optometrist to view your Health. ​ With the proper Ocular Evaluation and Comprehensive Health History and understanding all your Physical, Nutritional, and Psychological Stresses, a Holistic Optometrist is able to assist you by helping you see the blind spots in your life to allow you to improve your vision and overall health. ​ Holistic Optometry consists of full and complete experience that consists of extensive time and care in a single eye examination, where you will learn more about yourself and your health and its implementation strategies to improve healing that include holistic and alternative options.
  • What is Homeopathy?
    Homeopathy is based on the Principle that "Like Cures Like." ​ What is Homeopathy? Homeopathy is a WHO recognized healthcare system that has been in use for over 200 years and it is the second most widely used therapeutic system in the world. Through the utilization of Homeopathic natural medicine, millions of people around the globe have benefited from treatments for both their acute illnesses and chronic conditions. 2 Primary Principles of Homeopathy: Principle 1: “Like cures like” A substance which is capable of producing specific symptoms within a healthy individual can be utilized in an individual with an illness to treat those same symptoms when present. Principle 2: “The minimum dose” Based upon the understanding that homeopathic medicines are stimuli for healing and that we need only give enough to produce a response. This ensures that treatments will be as gentle and natural as they are healing and effective. In Homeopathy along with most natural healing arts, we trust that given the proper environment to thrive, that the body knows how to heal. This is because we understand that the body has a natural innate intelligence, and through the immune system, it gives the body an innate ability to recover from injury, illness, and disease. Through the use of various homeopathic remedies, we can help stimulate this healing response, therefore boosting the body’s own vitality and working in conjunction with the body’s own natural healing process instead of against it through the use of chemicals or medications. Through a detailed Homeopathic consultation, homeopathy allows individuals to have a better understanding of themselves and how their actions, thoughts, and habits and how they contribute to your overall level of health and wellness. What can be treated with Homeopathy? Homeopathy treats a variety of health conditions, including: headaches and migraines; depression, anxiety, hyperactivity; colds, flus, lung infections, asthma and allergies; ear infections, vertigo; skin diseases, like acne, eczema, psoriasis; digestive problems, acid reflux, colitis; arthritis and bursitis; women’s health, pregnancy and menopause-related issues; urinary infections; fatigue and sleeping problems; diabetes and hypertension; and many other conditions. Homeopathic Consultation The art and science of Homeopathy lies within its detailed and specific Initial Consultation which will allow the Homeopath to best understand the totality of your symptoms including physical, emotional, psychological, and social concerns, so as to prescribe the ideal remedy to develop your body’s natural defenses to those symptoms. The entire process will include a detailed and thorough initial consultation specific to your personal health history (~2 hours) along with a minimum of three follow-up consultations (~1 hour), and will also include treatment remedy recommendations and monitoring. If you are interested in getting to the root of the problem and have been searching for natural and holistic healthcare options that are safe, effective, affordable, and individualized to your past and current acute or chronic health concerns; then you should definitely try Homeopathy. Please contact Dr. Sarah and schedule a free information session and learn how to Eat Healthy - Think Clearly - Move Freely.
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